Yealink Video Conference VC200


Brand (ยี่ห้อ) :

Yealink Video Conference VC200

Yealink อุปกรณ์การประชุมระยะใกล รุ่น VC200

ราคา Call.-
  • Ultra HD 4K Camera and Super-Wide Angle Lens
    • The Ultra HD 4K camera supports 4x digital zoom and e-PTZ and is with super-wide 103° horizontal
      field of view, covering every seat at the table wholly without adjusting the camera. Featuring
      H.265/HEVC video codes, just with the minimum 512kbps, VC200 can realize 1080P HD video calls.
      Moreover, through Yealink anti-packet loss technology, VC200 can resist up to 30% video and audio
      packet loss which guarantees smooth video communication
  • Clearer Audio with Six Beamforming Microphone Arrays
    • The most advanced Beamforming technology, six built-in microphone arrays, directed voice pickup,
      intelligent voice identification and comparison—are definitely optimized for small and huddle conference rooms. Coupled with Yealink Smart Noise Proof technology, VC200 can automatically filter out
      unrelated noise, making video conferencing more concentrated.
  • Compact Design for Fast Deployment
    • Six-in-one design, integrating codec, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and bracket, takes up less
      space and minimizing cable clutter, getting ready for a video conference with only two cables
      (network cable and HDMI cable). Meanwhile, VC200 fits easily and seamlessly on the TV with
      thickness from 6mm to 50mm so that you can mount it on the top of display directly. Based on
      Android OS and TV-styled interactive user interface, VC200 offers all features with one-touch operation but without any learning cost.
  • Wireless Clutter-Free Meeting Room
    • Built-in Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi module provide you more connection options, that neither
      complex installation nor messy cables are required, VC200 greatly saves your effort of deployment. In
      addition, VC200 not only support one-click wireless content sharing via WPP20, but also you can
      extend the range of voice pickup via optional wireless microphones

Specification (คุณสมบัติ) :

  • Ultra HD 4K Camera
    • Ultra HD 4K camera
    • 1920 x 1080 video resolution
    • 30 frame rate
    • 4x e-PTZ camera
    • Horizontal field of view: 103°
    • Beauty shot
  • Microphone
    • Built-in six beamforming microphone arrays
    • 16ft / 5 meters voice pickup distance
    • Wireless microphone (optional)
    • Conference phone CP960 (optional)
  • VC200 Codec Connections
    • 1 x HDMI output (CEC supported)
    • 1 x Yealink extension port (RJ-45) connect to VCH50/CP960 Phone
    • 1 x 10/100M Ethernet port:
    • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x Line-out (3.5mm)
    • 1 x security lock slot
    • 1 x reset slot


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